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What to expect -

Sureshot Charters offers half day and full day fishing charters. Both charter boats are trailered which gives us the option of launching from a variety of boat ramps along the shore of Cape Cod. This is critical when targeting different species, allowing for the most fishing time and best weather conditions that can be made possible. Weather varies hour to hour and day to day. With that being said charters still run in the rain and fair weather.  We are always monitoring weather and sea condition to provide a safe and fun day on the water. The Captain has the right to cancel or postpone charters due to weather. (full refund due to weather cancelation). 

What to bring-

***If you get sea sick, or think you might get sea sick Dramamine or Bonine is an option. 

Clients should bring warm clothes, (you can always take layers off) it's always colder on the water than on land! You should wear rubber boots or sandals if possible. Depending on weather rain gear/ slickers. Plenty of dry storage onboard. Depending on the trip booked you should pack snacks, breakfast, lunch, Dinner and your choice of beverage. Alcohol is allowed (drinking in a responsible manor is a MUST).  Clients should bring a cooler with ice for their catch and fillets.

  • Any questions on what to bring, or any other general questions please do not hesitate to call or email.

  • Your Captain will arrange a meeting place and time when booking.

  • Saftey briefing will be done prior to leaving the dock.

  • If you would like to bring your own gear please let the captain know. All gear needed for the charter will be provided.

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